Redecorate Your Home

Redecorating has never been easier! When we think of interior design, we might think of a lengthy and complicated process. On top of that, we think of high costs, right?

Redecorating doesn’t always need to involve spending much money and time. Small changes count the most when you want to give your room a refreshing allure. Either in your bedroom, office, or bathroom, redecorating brings a load of satisfaction and self-fulfilling. Authors from teach us how to make our home more zen.

Here’s the top 3 lessons you should keep in mind while planning your designs:

  1. Choose earthy colours for enhancing your peace of mind: you can go for shades of beige, grey, white;
  2. Keep green plants in your room and go for light fabrics which let light come in;
  3. Go for simple furniture and don’t place too many details in the room – it will feel full and chaotic.

These indications helped creating an idea about what our room looks like and how they could be redesigned with only the elements which might already exist there. How about we step forward and think of adding some new spark to it? teaches us that some useful tactics for when we welcome new decoration into our home. First, always place art work at eye-level (the average is 57”-60”). Second, miniature rugs are better and safer for the aesthetics and proportions of every room: this is also a good saving for your wallet, because small rugs are not as costly as the large ones.

Last but not least, curtains fit amazingly in a room and they filter the natural light for the right amount you need during daytime: keep in mind rule number 2 mentioned above!

If we haven’t convinced you by now, why don’t you quickly check out our website? We are convinced you will find the that once piece of decoration you haven’t realized you needed until you saw it!

To a harmonious living,

Silvia from YUGEN

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